Sirius ensures that your property is monitored on a periodic basis and you are informed of the happenings in and around the neighborhood. Any unauthorized activity is reported so that timely corrective action can be taken.

Definitely Yes if you meet any one of the Following :
a) Have one or more properties and you are employed professionally
b) If You are residing in a different country / state or place away from the property
C) If the property is located in a Prime Area or If it is located in a far away desolate area
d) If Time and Age do not permit you to go Frequently

Utmost importance is given to Privacy and Confidentiality. We do not require details of property ownership when it is assigned to us for monitoring. Anyone can appoint us to monitor a property. within the organization complete multi level security is maintained. It is only when you need some developmental work done or some construction then we will require proof of ownership. Reports can be given on Email of your choice or sent by Post to any address given or through telephone in case of an urgency.

You can call us or email us. We have a 24/7 call center where you can call and leave a message. Our representative will get in touch with you and appropriate action will be initiated. Register

It is very simple to Enroll.
a) Give us the particulars of the properties you wish us to monitor i.e. location, plot no / survey number etc,
b) Phone number, Email address or postal address for communication,
c) Authorized person to interact, Set a Security Question
d) Make Payment Online by Debit / Credit Card, UPI or Cheque Register

We have annual packages at a very reasonable price depending upon the property and location. If a onetime service is required then we can provide the same. For any additional works like construction, name board placement, applications and making of payments we will intimate the charges on a case to case basis and proceed. Packages

If you have a lawyer we will assist him in any manner you instruct us or we have a panel of accredited lawyers whom you can directly appoint and interact and we can provide assistance as required.

For visiting Clients and NRI’s we can organsie visit to their properties in an airconditioned car at a time Convenient to them on chargeable basis.