Our Services include Property Monitoring, Property Inspection, Property Astrology and Property Maintenance and Development.

Un-Authorized Activity
With current high valuations of properties, un attended properties have become easy and prime targets for encroachments, unauthorized occupation and if left unnoticed these would escalate into long standing problems and irritants. With current nature of responsibilities it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and attend to closely. Sirius professional staff have years of experience in dealing with these matters and take steps for prevention. We will be alert about the property condition and any possible activity. If any such activity is noticed during our periodical inspection we will inform the client and discuss the plan of action that needs to be taken before proceeding further. We will make all arrangements necessary while communicating the cost and procedure involved. Photographic and documentary evidence will be provided. We have a Team of Experts on our Panel who can be engaged as required to take up the matter if it escalates into Legal or other issues.

Additional Services
Sirius not only protects your property, but also takes care of it when needed. For instance, it might be a repair of leaky pipes, fixing up broken window, painting the house or any other repairs will be fixed according to the requirement of the client. The Property will be taken care by our most professional team and will be handed over to clients when they are back.